12 Best Superbowl Commercials Of All Time for 2016.


There’s a reason why its called Superbowl Commercials. After all, who (Fortune 500 or Rich mofo) dumps $5,000,000 for just a 30 second commercial?  Yes, you heard me right, five with 6 zeros attached for just a 30 second commercial in 2016. That equates to $166,666 per second. Better keep your eyes stuck to the screen or you just wasted a 6 figure amount. These commercials must be so good that you would sell your own mother whatever they are selling.

So let’s rundown the top 12 recent commercials of all times but note some of these commercials are longer than 30 seconds, so hope you enjoy every second of it, and we do mean every second.

Let’s start with a commercial featuring Alex Baldwin at his game day party with Missy Elliott’s brand new track.

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